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How do I make long distance calls?

Cherokee Communications provides crystal-clear digital phone service, which helps you make local and long distance phone calls. To make a long-distance phone call, first pick up your receiver and wait for a dial tone. Then, dial the number "1" along with the 3-digit area code and the 7-digit phone number you wish to call. For local calling, simply dial the local seven-digit number.

Long distance, dial: 1-555-555-5555

Local, dial: 555-5555

To activate home phone service, call us at 1-844-4CHEROKEE or chat with us by clicking "chat now" below.

When you activate home phone service, we'll help you select a long-distance carrier. While your local service comes through Cherokee Communications, your carrier helps connect the long-distance calls, which will be reflected on your monthly bill.

TIP: Check with your carrier for dial-around codes to avoid unnecessary fees.

Having trouble making a phone call?

We can help. If you hear a dial tone but can't connect a long-distance call, call us directly at 580-434-5375. If you can't hear a dial tone, ensure your phone is powered on and connected to the proper phone outlet. If it's still not working, click the chat window below to chat with us during regular business hours.

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